Our Expertise

Our industry experience includes working in the Mining, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Utilities and the Not for Profit Sector.  

Our skills include developing processes, managing change, delivering projects and programs of work.  


Connect Business Consulting has also supported business's managing tenders, moving locations and a wide range of other projects.   

PMO Design & Project Management

Many organisation’s decide they need a PMO and then set about designing templates to support this process.   This is a part of the process that we can streamline and implement measures to track the progress that is being made with project delivery.   Running parallel to this we have access to a broad range of project managers who will bring the right amount of skill and rigor to you projects.  

Change Management

Change is a constant in our world.  Process and technology drive a significant amount of this change however we understand that every person impacted by change handles this process differently.  Unmanaged change can also result in high levels of stress, losses in production, productivity and high turnover.   The impact of any change can often be forgotten until the impact is felt by the business.  

Organisational Review & Process Design 

Helping an organization to review its internal structure and redesign new roles can be a challenge.   However, we adopt a process approach to ensure the right processes can be supported across the organization.  Once the organizational review has been completed our change management resources can assist with determining how this can be introduced whilst minimizing the impact on the business and respecting the staff involved.  

Insights and Analytics

We love data!!!   With all the discussions on big data and capturing information using sensors, it is amazing the small amount of data that most organization actually use to drive strategic planning and decision making.  We will take a look at what you have and determine how this data can be used to segment products, change behaviours and explore alternate solutions.  

Bid Management

We understand you know your business the best but have you ever needed help putting together a proposal?  Let us help you and we can leverage the knowledge in your business to build a strategy for fast delivery of these commercial documents in the future.  

Operational Management

We can provide support to your management team during peak periods or step in and assist when key staff are required elsewhere in the business.   In Melbourne and Perth our staff have held General Management Roles, Chief Operating Officer and Company Secretary roles in different businesses.   During these periods our staff also have the support of the consulting team to ensure best practice and procedures throughout the engagement.